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Eynsham Morris have a proud tradition stretching back to the nineteenth century and probably beyond.We have some of the most exciting and flamboyant dances in the morris tradition, and a dancing style to match. We try to live up to Cecil Sharp's description from 1908 (above).

Above: May Bank Holiday 2018: The team with 1970s founder member Dave Townsend (centre) and old friend the sculptor Michael Black

From the menu bar on the left you can find out where we're dancing, read about our long history, look at pictures and videos, and learn a bit about the dances. You can also find out about our home town, Eynsham. Contact us to find out more, to invite us to dance for you, or to join us.

More info: Find us on Facebook; email secretary@eynshammorris.org.uk

Feathers Russell, painted by
William Nicholson, ca. 1901

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January 24, 2011
We now have a Facebook page (thanks Euan!) Follow the link on the right to find it. We'll keep you updated with what's going on... and/or click on the thumbs up to show your support!

January 1, 2011
Eynsham Gods?!
Local artist Lorna Marrison has started a new series of morris dancer paintings on the theme "The Morris Angel and the Seven Deadly Sins". As she puts it in her blog, " The sins will be played by Armaleggan Morris who with their decorated faces will allow scope for depicting the sins and the angel will be  from the Eynsham Morris". Nuff said!