The 1990s

Among the high spots of the 1990s were the visits to The Globe theatre in London in 1997 and 1998, and the visit to Albania in 1998.

During 1997 Eynsham Morris raised over £7,000 for medical equipment in Korçë, Albania, and in May 1998 the side went there to hand over the money and to dance for the entertainment of the people there. We received a tremendous welcome - but some alarming moments too, as when gunfire broke out on the street one day!
One of the places we visited was the Tefta Tashko Koço School of Music. They were trying to provide musical education with almost no resources. For example, there was just one piano in the School which was in constant use 16 hours a day in half-hour sessions. The music they use was laboriously copied out by hand from the few pieces of printed music they have. We were able to collect more resources for them to use.

There were also visits to the Ballerup folk Festival in Denmark, and another in Austria; a wild trip to Cobh in Ireland; and a somewhat chaotic visit to Rupert Boulting's property in Brittany.
Foreman Keith Green
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